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Prichard says that in the early part of the eighteenth century the following formed a part of the Catechism:

"Have you seen your Master to-day?
How was he Clothed?
In a yellow jacket and a blue pair of breeches.
And he explains it by saying that "the yellow jacket is the compasses, and the blue breeches the steel points."

Krause (Kunsturkunden ii, page 78) remarks on this subject that this sportive comparison given by Prichard is altogether in the puerile spirit of the peculiar interrogatories which are found among many other crafts, and is without doubt genuine as originating in the working Lodges. Prichard's explanation is natural, and Krause's remark correct. But it is vain to attempt to elevate the idea by attaching to it a symbolism of gold and azure-the blue sky and the meridian sun. No such thought, in Doctor Mackey's opinion, entered into the minds of the illiterate Operatives with whom the question and answer originated.

- Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

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