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The Builder

Graphic courtesy of Stephen McKim
Graphic Courtesy of
Stephen McKim

The Builder was published by the National Masonic Research Society from 1915 - 1930. It stands, nearly a century later as one of the greatest Masonic publications.

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The First Issue of the Builder

The Builder was published from 1915 to 1930 by the National Masonic Research Society. Nearly a century later, it has yet to be surpassed in terms of quality of content. The publication did not rely on grip and grin photos to fill its pages; it relied on the research work of the leading Masonic writers of the day.

As time permits, we will be adding each and every issue of The Builder to this website, but we will be doing so in our own way. That is to say, we are not merely going to post the entire issue on one page, as it was scanned. Rather, each issue will be broken down into feature articles and miscellaneous content.

Additionally, it is our intention to include the original photographic and illustrative content with the article, so that the reader can better understand the original design of the material.

I am grateful to Bro. Stephen McKim for giving us a modern interpretation of the original The Builder logo to use on related pages.

- SD

The Builder Archives

The Builder January 1915

The Builder February 1915