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The present use of this word has departed widely from its original meaning. The Latin secretus meant secret, private; secretarium was a conclave, a caucus, a council behind closed doors, consequently a secretarius was some very confidential officer, and was used of a secretary in our sense, of a notary, a scribe, etc. Since the handling of correspon-dence and the keeping of records is usually a confidential service the man who does it has come to be called a secretary. The secretary of a Lodge cares for all its correspondence and its records.

- Source: 100 Words in Masonry


The recording and corresponding officer of a Lodge. It is his duty to keep a just and true record of all things proper to be written, to receive all moneys that are due the Lodge, and to pay them over to the Treasurer. The jewel of his office is a pen, and his position in Lodges of the United States is on the left of the Worshipful Master in front, but in English Lodges he is usually found with the Treasurer at the right, in the North.

- Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

Will A Secretary Go To Heaven?

Author Unknown If a secretary writes a letter, itís too long.

If he sends a postal, itís too short.

If he doesnít send a notice, he is lazy.

If he attends a committee meeting, he is butting in.

If he stays away, he is a shirker.

If he duns the members for dues, he is insulting.

If he fails to collect the dues, he is slipping.

If he asks for advice, he is incompetent.

If he does not, he is bull-headed.

If he writes his reports complete, they are to long.

If he condenses them, they are incomplete.

If he talks on a subject in Lodge, he is trying to run things.

If he remains quite, he has lost interest in the meeting.

Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
If others wonít do it
The Secretary must!

- Source: Author Unknown

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