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Masonic Symbols

Parrot Masons

One who commits to memory the questions and answers of the catechetical lectures, and the formulas of the ritual, but pays no attention to the history and philosophy of the Institution, is commonly called a Parrot Mason, because he is supposed to repeat what he has learned without any conception of its true meaning. In former times, such superficial Freemasons were held by many in high repute, because of the facility with which they passed through the ceremonies of a reception, and they were generally designated as Bright Masons. But the progress of Freemasonry as a science now requires something more than a mere knowledge of the lectures to constitute a Masonic scholar.

- Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

PARROT MASONS - Cantus Shutupicus

The Parrot Mason falls into two species of the same genus, "Cantus Shutupicus."

The first is found on the sidelines, repeating every line of ritual spoken, usually three words out of sync with the person giving the charge.

The second, like his avian counterpart, repeats every word he has heard that day, usually during the meeting when the lectures are being given.

- Source: Masonic Birds I Have Known

Stephen A. Dafoe

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