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In every Masonic Body, the By-laws should prescribe an Order of Business, and in proportion as that order is rigorously observed will be the harmony and celerity with which the business of the Lodge will be dispatched. In Lodges whose By-laws have prescribed no settled order, the arrangement of business is left to the discretion of the presiding officer, who, however, must be governed, to some extent, by certain general rules founded on the principles of parliamentary law, or on the suggestions of common sense. The order of business may, for convenience of reference, be placed in the following tabular form:

  1. Opening of the Lodge.

  2. Reading and confirmation of the Minutes.

  3. Reports on Petitions.

  4. Balloting for Candidates.

  5. Reports of Special Committees.

  6. Reports of Standing Committees.

  7. Consideration of Motions made at a former meeting if called up by a member.

  8. New business.

  9. Initiations.

  10. Reading of the Minutes for information and correction.

  11. Closing of the Lodge.

- Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

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