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By Bro. Jelle Spijker

By joining the Craft, a Mason acknowledges the differences we all have on all levels, be it race, sex, social background, nationality and religion. It doesn't make the values adhered to any less important, but it creates the tools and opportunity to reflect and compare, thereby understanding cultural and social differences better and the better to enable to make balanced decisions and be a critical thinker. This process creates a bond between Masons transcending borders and cultures, a bond designed to overcome conflict and controversy. It is important as a society to keep looking critically at what has been accomplished and what is about to be accomplished in order to protect this bond. Freemasonry owes it to its founders who carefully crafted this institution that promotes people to better themselves and help create a better world to live in. If we want to create such a world it is necessary to learn to understand it better. Although nationalism is often described as a modern movement, it is safe to say it has been around a lot longer, and for a lot longer to come. Any Freemason has the responsibility to regularly reflect and critically weigh their, and their leaders' decisions and ensure that the loyalty and devotion towards their passion is not tinted.

As soon as we start thinking that a society, in any variation it may come, is the end-all-be-all, then that society stops making progress, which it can't afford for it will slowly start to die off and eventually end up a chapter in a history book. Sure, our beloved Craft is still around, but if we don't critically look at our problems now, we'll surely be heading that way. To continue making progress involves critical thinking on every level. Reflect, compare and practice self-criticism.

"Love of country is the Mason's deed; world citizenship is his thought"

- Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762 - 1814)

- Source: Knights of the North Masonic Dictionary

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