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A derogatory term used by Masons to describe Masons initiated, passed and raised in the same day (One Day Class.) While One Day Classes may be nothing more than a method for Grand Lodges to bolster membership numbers, it is important to remember a Mason is first made a mason in his heart. What is important is how much time he puts into learning the lessons of Masonry after his raising that is important. Sadly, many of the Masons who use such unmasonic epithets have never learned a thing about the principles of the craft, or else Mcmason would be stricken from their Masonic vocabulary.

-Source: MasonicDictionary.com

McMasons: A Different Perspective
On One Day Classes

By R. W. Brother Errol Hinton

I read with much interest a couple brothers' comments comparing the one day classes to McDonalds fast paced approach.

Like much that I do, I over think things way too much, but I have to agree. One day Masonry is like Mickey D's.

During college I worked for McDonalds basically for beer money. Upon graduating, a long term job with the company was extended to me, which I took, intending to put my degree in business management to better use down the line. Thirteen years later here I am in a training position with the same company working with countless young people, with a flexible schedule, so that I may also serve my Grand lodge.

McDonalds as a system thoroughly trains its managers, so that every manager in North America has the identical training. What the individuals do with that training is up to them, but it is the same throughout the continent. When I went to Chicago for training, there were people from all over the world attending for the same reason as I. Hours of training are put in before the managers even hit the floor.

When I put on my one day class last fall, the same was true. It takes over 100 brothers to put on a one day class, not counting food. We put in over 65 hours into rehearsals, mentor training, and, in the end, I will put any one of these brothers proficiency up to any candidate out there, through the third degree, including the boys that shipped right out to Iraq.

The return ratio in Vermont is well over the traditional return. When I hear the phrase McMason, I will think of how much energy and time goes into this effort, making it look easy.

-Source: R. W. Brother Errol Hinton

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