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Laudable Pursuit

Laudable Pursuit: A 21st Century Response to Dwight Smith, as it is known by its full name, is a paper written in 2005 by a group known as The Knights of the North. The document is 38 pages in length and is a response to two books written by M. W. Bro. Dwight Smith, past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. Smith's two books, written in the early 1960s warned the Masonic fraternity of the direction it was headed - few heeded Smith's words. Laudable Pursuit has caught the hearts of many Masons today, however, there are those that find it too harsh in its criticisms.

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Laudable Pursuit Video

Laudable Pursuit Part One A

Laudable Pursuit Part One B

Laudable Pursuit Part Two A

Laudable Pursuit Part Two B

Laudable Pursuit Document

Laudable Pursuit is available for download here.

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