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John Mark Larmenius

According to the tradition of the Order of the Temple the credibility of which is, however, denied by most Masonic scholars John Mark Larmenius was in 1314 appointed by James de Molay his successor as Grand Master of the Templars, which power was transmitted by Larmenius to his successors in a document known as the Charter of Transmission.

- Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

Larmenius Charter List of Grand Masters

According to many members of neo-Templarism, the Templar Masters did not end with DeMolay. According to a document called the Larmenius Charter, this list went on to modern times. According to this tradition, Jacques de Molay passed over the reins of the order to John Mark Larmenius while in prison. Larmenius carried on the duties of Grand Master in secret and this would be the case until the 1700's. For those interested in this possibility, we present the list below:

1313-1324 John-Marc Larmenius

1324-1340 Thomas Theobald of Alexandria

1340-1349 Arnaud de Braque

1349-1357 Jean de Claremont

1357-1381 Bertrand du Guesclin

1381-1392 Bernard Arminiacus

1419-1451 Jean Arminiacus

1451-1472 Jean de Croy

1472-1478 Bernard Imbault

1478-1497 Robert Leononcourt

1497-1516 Galeatius de Salazar

1516-1544 Phillippe Chabot

1544-1574 Gaspard de Galtiaco Tavanensis

1574-1615 Henri de Montmorency

1615-1651 Charles de Valois

1651-1681 Jacques Ruxellius de Granceio

1681-1705 Jacques Henri Duc de Duras

1705-1724 Phillippe, Duc d'Orleans

1724-1737 Louis Augustus Bourbon

1737-1741 Louis Henri Bourbon Conde

1741-1776 Louis-Francois Boubon Conti

1776-1792 Louis-Hercule Timoleon, Duc de Cosse Brissac

1792-1804 Claude-Mathieu Radix de Chavillon

1804-1838 Bernard Raymond Fabre Palaprat

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