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The Knights of the North

The Knights of the North (KOTN) is the name given to a group of Masons from throughout North America who have pooled their experience and knowledge, allowing them to cross borders in order to look at the bigger picture.

The group does not confer any degrees nor does it bestow any titles. Its sole work and purpose is to act as a Masonic Think Tank and operate within their Grand Jurisdictions in order to assist lodges to improve upon the quality of Masonry in that area. The KOTN is not affiliated with any independent Grand Lodges nor are they expelled masons. To the contrary, several members hold or have held Grand Lodge offices in their respective jurisdictions.

Their best known publication to date is Laudable Pursuit, which was recently reprinted in the Philalethes Magazine.

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Knights of the North

The Knights of the North is a group dedicated to a return to traditional Masonic practices, and which endorses European Concept lodges or Traditional Observance lodges. Membership in KOTN is by invitation only, and is not limited to members of recognized Masonic groups. The organization is not established along the lines of traditional Masonic appendant bodies such as the York Rite (or Royal Arch), Scottish Rite or the Shriners, but as a loosely governed Masonic think tank. The group sponsors several educational websites, discussion forums and publications, and its members are active in research lodges and Internet Masonry.

- Source: The Knights of the North

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