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Grand Masters have complained during the past year of great laxity in the matter of investigating petitioners for the degrees. The principal reasons assigned for this apparent Masonic neglect are to be found in the overwhelming number of petitions which are sent to lodges and the inability to get members to devote proper time to look up those who apply for the privileges of the Fraternity. It cannot be doubted but this is an age which demands the careful scrutiny of everyone who knocks at the door of the lodge. There are so many individuals in the country at the present time who hold ideas which are at variance to those of Masonry that the admission of such would be a most serious calamity. It is believed that the problem of proper investigation of petitioners for the degrees is one which ought to be worked out along new and more progressive lines. The old idea of secrecy in appointing an investigating committee and the present practice of picking anybody as a member of such committee does not comport with present day conditions. It is believed that we have reached a period in our Masonic development when a single committee on petitions composed of men who have the time and ingenuity to devote to the cause would be desirable. It is an old saying that what is everybody's business is nobody's business, and this seems to be largely true in the matter of investigating candidates for the privileges of the Fraternity. This is a problem with which we must grapple sooner or later and it is believed that it can be worked out in due time when thoughtful men give to the subject that attention which it should receive.

- Source: The Builder - February 1922

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