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By S.W. Williams G.H.P., Tennessee

"In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth-- and the Earth was without form and void.

At some point of time in the vast Eternity that is gone, when an unknown Planet was at its perihelion, there was thrown from its surface, whirling into Space, a single Atom of Matter that, guided by the Limitless One, started on its course and forged out of the Ether a place for itself--a home among the Stars--where it could fulfill its destiny of gradually perfecting a place whereon Man could dwell and work out his mysterious mission.

Such was the "BEGINNING"--the birth of this World of ours; and, as the Great Creator looked He saw that "It was good"--and "God said Let there be Light and there was Light." Then, throughout another myriad of years, by the same mysterious power, Vegetable Life appeared and "It was good"--only to be followed by Animal Life--and "It was good"--and then, the CLIMAX--God's crowning Work, MAN-- "Male and female created He them."

All things come of God--and all return unto the Great Giver. "Cast thy bread upon the waters and it shall return unto thee "after many days." As we do, so shall we be done by. Darkness and Light shall be meted out in strict measure. Like begets like--an Acorn never produced a Violet any more than Hate can yield Happiness. All things pass from Eternity into Eternity. There never was a beginning to Time, and there can be no ending. The Light that WAS, is that which IS and IS TO BE--only as we grow more and more like Him from whence we came, we shall be more and more in the Light, and the Light shall drive out the DARKNESS; then we shall become the Children of Light--SONS OF GOD--because He is "Our Father." This is the demonstration of the CIRCLE.

There is a ONENESS in all things. Nothing is complete in itself-- but everything bears some relation to all else in Creation, without which kinship nothing would be complete and all things would be destroyed. This mysterious relationship ends not with this World-- for Earth is simply a small part of the Boundless Universe wherein there are millions of Worlds, each of which came into existence just as this one did--because God willed it, and it was a part of His GREAT PLAN. What that "PLAN" is, it is not given us to fathom-- but we know this--we are Children of Light and Light is of and from God--and HE is "Our Father." As a Father counselleth his children so speaketh He unto us, and we are told to speak unto HIM; for does He not say:--"Seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you."

An Eternity of Love, Light and Life constitutes the Immortality which is promised us of God. But Immortality is for Eternity, and Eternity is a Circle, without beginning or ending. This body which we see with our physical eyes is not truly US--it is but the covering which conceals our true self--a sort of Cloak with which we are provided, and which we wear while sojourning on this Planet. We put it on when we enter the World and discard it upon leaving it--what, then, is MAN ? He cometh, he knoweth not whence, and he goeth, when summoned, into the vast Eternity of Time and Space to do the Will of the Father in other Spheres.

Children of Life--"The Life Which is the Light of Men."

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

"The same was in the Beginning with God."

"All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made."

"In Him was Life; and the Life, was the Light of Men. And the Light shineth in the Darkness; and the Darkness comprehendeth it not."

-Source: The Builder - June 1915

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