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Masonic Bios

Freemason R. Theron Dunn
(1957 - 2008)

R. Theron Dunn had great love and respect for Freemasonry and was active in the Moreno Valley Lodge (California).

Theron also loved volunteering, most importantly, he began the Masons' Free Child ID Program for which he worked tiredlessly every weekend.

Bro. Dunn was an active Internet Mason, moderating a number of discussion forums over the years and contributing to his Masonic Blog, as well as serving as editor of a popular Masonic e-zine. Theron Dunn, along with his Masonic website partner Bill McElligott, recieved fellowship in the Society of the Blue Forget-Me-Not, a masonic education organization.

In addition to his Masonic duties, Theron was a booster club volunteer for the Elsinore High School wrestling program in the 1990s and coached soccer with the Lake Elsinore Valley Soccer Club. Theron's involvement with the Freemasons allowed him a multitide of friends all over the world. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends.

Bro. Dunn is survived by his wife of 22 years, Barbara Inez Dunn of Canyon Lake, stepson Kyle and Cheryl Little of Canyon Lake and stepdaughter Kim and Evan Schutz of Wildomar. Although Theron had no children, he embraced Barbara's 5 children as his own including their 11 grandchildren. His Canyon Lake grandchildren are Brandon, Jermey, Leah and Kyle, Jr. and Kim and Evan's daughter Kaden is from Wildomar.

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