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An officer appointed to inspect old Lodges, consecrate new ones, install their officers, and exercise a general supervision over the Fraternity in the districts where, from the extent of the jurisdiction, the Grand Master or his Deputy cannot conveniently attend in person. He is considered as a Grand Officer, and as the representative of the Grand Lodge in the district in which he resides. In England, officers of this description are called Provincial Grand Masters.

- Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry


The common abbreviated form of district Deputy Grand Master. In most jurisdictions, the DDGM is an elected position within Grand Lodge. Therefore the DDGM carries the Masonic Rank of Right Worshipful. Also in most Grand Jurisdictions, the DDGM is the third ranking member:

  1. Grand Master
  2. Deputy Grand Master
  3. District Deputy Grand Master
  4. Senior Grand Warden
  5. Junior Grand Warden

- Source: Stephen Dafoe

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