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The Masonic Dictionary has been designed to provide Freemasons with electronic access to information on Freemasonry from a variety of sources arranged alphabetically by subject matter. The purpose of the site is to assist Masons in understanding their fraternity and to provide those who would like to research the craft an opportunity to do so online.

Most entries on this site will provide you with a definition of the term as well as a collection of articles from a variety of Masonic sources, most written prior to the Great Depression when Masons had a greater interest in Masonic research. To access the entries, simply click the letter in the index above or use the search box.

Reprinting Site Materials has been designed to assist Masons in their researches. While we encourage you to make full use of the site, for your own research or for sharing information at lodge meetings, permission to reprint materials is on a case by case basis. However, all videos may be posted on your Masonic site using the coding provided.


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